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Amount - Unit converter app [Review] [iOS]

The Amount is a unit converter app for iOS. He is dynamic, intuitive and well designed. The app has made the interface in the iOS 7 design, but what separates it from the competition is mainly...

Best Unit Converter For iPhone and iPod Touch?

http://uniqueapps.com Here's a review of the Convert unit converter and calculator from Tap Tap Tap. This is my absolute favorite unit conversion app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. ...

iPad App Review: Best Unit Convertor App

This is app review of what I think is the best unit convertor App for the iPad or the iPhone. It has a great and intuitive user interface. Also, you can convert currency, and all values are...

iOS 7 Tutorial 4 - Unit Converter

This video shows how to make a unit converter application from miles to kilometers in iOS 7.

Unit Converter [iPad] Video review by Stelapps

Descárgatela con Stelapps: http://bit.ly/stelapps El conversor de medidas del futuro ¿Cuántos metros son 3600 pies? Yo no tengo ni idea. ¿Y tú? Bueno, aunque lo sepas, yo también puedo...

Unit Conversion iOS App

Assignment: Peer Review Assignment #2 - Unit Conversion App.

Unit Converter, app para ipad

Convertidor de unidades.

Coursera Week 2 Unit Converter iOS App

How to TUNE car audio - Why you need an RTA - AudioControl SA-4100i - CarAudioFabrication

Get the SA-4100i here (sorry the coupon code is expired, be sure to subscribe so you do not miss future partner sales): http://amzn.to/2fgiI3E ✦✦ Tuning a car audio system requires...

iOS Spotlight search Useful Tips (currency ,math ,metric unit conversion)

Share some iOS spotlight simple useful feature such metric , currencies ,math.